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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harley Sonic in coma

Updated news 10/17 - Harley Sonic awake and have to check his health regularly, according this thread in sepedaku

Jawa Barat MTB athlete Harley Sonic was reported in a coma because of brain tumor. We hope he can get over this and get well soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cycling is officially chic

The bicycle has become the ultimate fashion accessory, but it was chic way before Agyness Dean started riding
by Rebecca Nicholson,Thursday September 04 2008 00:01 BST

With the madness of Fashion Week nearly upon us, one sight is more certain than untouched food at a backstage buffet – Agyness Deyn will be tearing between shows, as usual, on her trusty bicycle. Her fondness of two wheels, documented by countless paparazzi pictures of her cruising through the New York streets, Strokes boyfriend in tow, set enough of a trend for Page Six magazine to declare it "a fashionable pursuit". Cycling's not only sustainable, cheap and healthy – it's officially chic.

pic from dailymail

Cycle commuting in London has increased by 91 per cent since 2000, and with that comes a natural evolution of style. Last year's limited edition Chanel bike may have been a ridiculous £6,000, and certainly ill-suited to London's cycle theft record, but Gucci soon followed with a limited Beijing-themed red model, embossed leather panniers included, which sold in China and Hong Kong for $3,400. Ludicrous, certainly, but also a sign of how fashion is starting to take cycling seriously. (Just ask Vivienne Westwood, a long-time devotee of pedal power.)

Chanel's limited edition bicycle, which sold for £6,000

But sales of "sit-up-and-beg" bikes were on the up long before Agyness took to her Electra Amsterdam. While they're easier on the eye than a clunky mountain bike, the explosion of Dutch or vintage style brands like Pashley, Velorbis and Grand 1888 allows cyclists to be more fashionable. They're slower machines good for leisurely rides – think riding home with flowers in your wicker basket, and you'll get an idea of the pace. You're far less likely to work up a sweat on a Pashley than you are on a zippy racer, which means you're far less inclined to reach for the dreaded Lycra.

This hatred of clich├ęd cyclewear unites bike-style bloggers across Europe and the US. They share a belief that the stereotype of an aggressive cyclist in Spandex shorts and wraparound shades does a great deal to harm the concept of cycling as simply a normal, everyday means of getting from one place to the next. "There are two major misconceptions," explains Caz Nicklin, founder of, an online store and blog for fashion-conscious women on bicycles. "One is that cycling is a geeky pursuit for which you have to be dressed from head to toe in Lycra. The other is that it's dangerous."

These concerns show that, despite recent growth, going anywhere by bike is still a novelty in Britain. A million Londoners may own bicycles, but only two per cent of journeys are made using them. We're still a long way behind the cycle-centric cultures of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and even Paris, now, and it's in Europe that "cycle chic" really comes into its own.

The term was coined by blogger Mikael Colville-Andersen for his site, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which collects and publishes his daily shots of the city's most stylish cyclists. He tells of girls in Louboutin heels who seem to stick with "beat-up old Raleigh granny bikes" and how the city's men are switching to "sit-up-and-begs" like the Velorbis Churchill, but really, he says, "We don't have cyclists in Copenhagen, we just have Copenhageners who get around on bikes."

Marc van Woudenberg, who runs the popular site Amsterdamize, supports the idea that fashionable cycling is about being able to wear your everyday clothes to do it. "It's not for the purpose of cycling, but for the purpose of dressing according to your personality and the occasion, be it work, school, a party, whatever," he says, adding, "Anything but Lycra."

And that's what the boom in "sit-up-and-beg" bikes like the Pashley Princess, the Electra Amsterdam and those beat-up old Raleigh granny bikes will continue to nurture – dressing as you would every day, in Louboutin heels if you like, enjoying your leisurely bike ride.

Schladming W C Results

Men 4X Final

1. Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl)...Yeti-Fox Shox...4.10.16
2. Samuel Hill (Aus)...Monster-Iron Horse...4.11.80
3. Gee Atherton (GBr)...Animal Commencal...4.12.36
4. Steve Peat (GBr)...Santa Cruz Syn...4.13.20
5. Greg Minnaar (RSA)...Santa Cruz Syn...4.17.56

1. Rachel Atherton (GBr)...Animal Commencal...4.47.21
2. Floriane Pugin (Fra)...Playbiker-Iron Horse...5.00.88
3. Sabrina Jonnier (Fra)...Maxxis...5.01.33
4. Tracy Moseley (GBr)...Kona...5.04.05
5. Emmeline Ragot (Fra)...Suspension Center...5.04.94

1. Greg Minnaar (RSA)...Santa Cruz Syn...1354 points
2. Samuel Hill (Aus)...Monster-Iron Horse...1293
3. Gee Atherton (GBr)...Animal Commencal..1207
4. Steve Peat (GBr)...Santa Cruz Syn...1099
5. Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl)...Yeti-Fox Shox...794
6. Fabien Barel (Fra)...Subaru...717
7. Nathan Rennie (Aus)...Santa Cruz Syn...620
8. Justin Leov (NZl)...Yeti-Fox Shox...614
9. Chris Kovarik (Aus)...Chain Reaction-Intense...608
10.Julien Camellini (Fra)...Chain Reaction-Intense...505
from mbaction

pic from transcend

2008 Giant Glory DH

from mbaction


46 pounds

8.8-inch rear wheel travel
Full test: June 2008
Highlights: The Glory DH is a competition-specific, big-hit build, separating itself from Giant's more park-style performance-oriented bikes. The Glory DH is intended for racing. With nearly nine inches of rear wheel travel, the Glory's Maestro suspension is designed to be fully active over a variety of impacts while operating independent of pedaling and braking forces. The same suspension concept is on the Giant Trance (tested February 2008) and Reign trail bikes, and we've been very impressed with those two.

Best quote:
"There's one feature that's critical to a downhill bike: solid descending. With 17.5-inch chainstays, 8.8 inches of rear wheel travel, and a wheelbase of over 45 inches, stability in rough terrain was a constant aboard the Glory DH."

Bottom line: With the Giant Glory DH you get a World Cup proven downhill bike that's fantastic on technical terrain, pedals efficiently and is one of the best-handling all-around downhill bikes we've tested.

Not only is its performance reason enough for you to throw a leg over one, you get a durable, race-ready, high-end component package at a killer price. Giant offers the Glory in sizes extra-small to large, so finding a perfect f����it shouldn't be a problem. And, at over a $1000 less than many of its competitors, you'll be able to afford your bike park season pass, too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eurobike: Santa Cruz V 10

from bikeradar

Earlier this year Santa Cruz revealed an updated design to their popular Nomad frame, with revised links, shorter chainstays and a redesigned front triangle. This followed in the footsteps of the makeover given to the Blur LT cross country trail bike.

Santa Cruz have continued their overhaul programme with a new Jackal too, which boasts a Chub Hub rear hub and cleaner, less rounded look. Santa Cruz Syndicate riders Kirt Voreis and Jamie Goldman have been riding the new Jackals this season.

Santa Cruz’s V10 downhill machine – as used by Steve Peat and Team BikeRadar riders Neil Donoghue and Marc Beaumont – was on show with a fresh green colour.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lance Armstrong: a Texas playboy ?

The New York Times written an entire article about Lance Armstrong's "playboy" status.

MOVING FAST Lance Armstrong, with Kate Hudson on the handlebars, and, from left, Tory Burch, Ashley Olsen and Sheryl Crow.

the Return of the Rampage : the Evolution

Yes, the rumors are true; Red Bull Rampage has returned, and it is bigger and badder than ever! Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution will take place from October 2-5, 2008, outside of Virgin, Utah on a brand-new piece of insane terrain. Stay tuned for more event information!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Freecaster TV: World Cup Austria Live Webcast

Dont forget to watch the World Cup 4x and DH live from Austria at Freecaster tv on 12 and 13 September.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Downtown Downhill 2008

Kuala Lumpur will be the host of the Kuala Lumpur Downtown Downhill 2008 and will be held on 17-19 October 2008. They said three world cup pro riders will participate, who are they? More information click here