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Friday, July 25, 2008

Watch the world cup live at Freecaster TV

Watch final Downhill and 4 cross of Mt St Anne world champ live in freecaster on Sunday July 27 at 2 PM CET

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Merdeka Downhill Championship

There will be a Downhill Championship at Kudus, Central of Java in August 16-17, with MOR 29 and Djarum as the organizer and the main sponsor.Click here for further information.

Emas DH untuk Jatim dan Jabar

SAMARINDA - Jatim dan Jabar berbagi emas pada cabang balap sepeda nomor MTB downhill. Atlet Jatim Popo Ario Sejati meraih emas di kelompok pria. Sedangkan Risa Suseanty (Jabar) menjadi yang terbaik di kelompok wanita pada lomba di Bukit Air Putih, Samarinda, kemarin (15/7).

Sukses Popo itu menambah pundi-pundi emas tim balap sepeda Jatim. Saat ini, Jatim mengoleksi tiga emas dari lintasan balap sepeda. Target yang dipatok adalah enam emas. Meski demikian, pelatih downhill Jatim Sugeng Trihartono mengatakan puas dengan pencapaian atletnya. "Hasil ini membuktikan bahwa kami tidak lagi dipandang sebelah mata," katanya.

Hari ini, Jatim berpeluang menambah emas dari nomor cross country. Andalan Jatim Usman Ali bakal bersaing dengan lawan-lawan tangguh. Di antaranya, tiga atlet pelatnas asal Jabar. Yakni, Dadi Nurcahyadi, Bandi Sugito, dan Candra Rafsanjani. Pesaing lainnya adalah Sugianto Hoho Setiawan (Jateng).

Hoho bisa menjadi ancaman terbesar bagi Jatim. Maklum, atlet binaan PPLP Malang itu tidak pernah kehilangan emas sepanjang keikutsertaannya PON. "Meski usianya (Hoho. Red) sudah tidak lagi muda, kiprah, pengalaman, dan skill-nya masih menakutkan bagi-lawan-lawannya," terang Sugeng.

Hingga kemarin (15/7), Jogjakarta masih memimpin perolehan medali dari balap sepeda. Di cabang olahraga (cabor) tersebut, Jogjakarta mengoleksi lima emas, dua perak, dan tiga perunggu. Jabar berada di peringkat kedua dengan empat emas dan enam perunggu. Sedangkan Jatim menduduki posisi ketiga dengan tiga emas, delapan perak, dan dua perunggu. (vem/ca)

Results Downhill PON Kaltim
from mtbfreerideindonesia
Men DH
1. Popo Jawa-Timur 01:31.35
2. Agus Jawa-Barat 01:31.38
3. Purnomo Jawa-Timur 01:32.98

Women DH
1. Risa Jawa-Barat 02:01.97
2. Fitriyanti Jawa-Timur 02:03.07
3. Kusmawati Jawa-Timur 02:08.07

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Psychosis Downhill Race - July 4th 2008

pic from tourismgolden

Psychosis. The 5.9 km stretch of track is quickly gaining a reputation as the steepest and gnarliest ride on the circuit. The trail has been described as mind-blowing, knuckle-whitening, ridiculously-steep, and insane.
This years race took place Saturday afternoon in Golden, Bc. Some of the world's best racers threw themselves off the launch pad and into the longest singletrack DH race in the world. Chris Kovarik took the win and set a new course record with a time of 12:35, 14 seconds faster than Sam Hill's record from last year.

1 2 Kovarik, Chris Gold Coast Mtb Club 12:35.1
2 6 Quinn, Nick CC DH Team/Dakine/Oakley 12:43.6
3 3 Morland, Tyler SRAM, RockShox, Avid, TruVativ 12:46.5
4 1 Hill, Sam 12:48.2
5 159 Mitchell, Andrew Cove Factory Team/SRAM 12:51.0

1 160 Bouchar, Claire 17:02.3
2 98 Warman, Sarin 19:34.4
3 72 Parsons, Bethany 19:53.0
4 76 Holden, Katie 20:15.6
5 71 Mancer Kari 21:08.2

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The most popular fork

Our poll reveal that Rockshox is the most popular fork (40 %) followed by Marzocchi (18 %). Manitou, Fox and others share the same number (14 %). But since theres only 7 voters, our poll is far from reflecting anything…

Friday, July 11, 2008

Specialized 2009

By James Huang

The revised linkage arrangement provides improvements in standover clearance, seatpost adjustability and shock bushing wear as on the new SX. Travel on the four-bar rear end has been brought down a bit from 208mm (8.2”) to 191mm (7.5”) but the front end beefs up with a tapered-and-oversized head tube to accommodate the new crop of burly single-crown forks. As on the SX, the BigHit will also include DMD and ICSG mounts as well as fixed geometry.

SX Trail

The new SX receives a tapered-and-oversized 1 1/8”-to-1 1/2” front end and a clever shock mounting arrangement that eliminates wear at the rearmost DU shock bushing. Specialized fits the bottom bracket area with both a DMD front derailleur mount [mounts directly to the swingarm] and standard ISCG tabs to accommodate a wide variety of setups and, as usual, tosses in a healthy dose of cold forgings throughout for durability.


The all new M4 alloy frame and rear wheel travel to 120mm moving it more into the trail bike category than last year’s 100mm-travel model. The rocker link-style arrangement bears strong resemblance to the premium Stumpjumper frame and provides the same benefits: more standover clearance, greatly increased seatpost height adjustment range and a lower centre of gravity for better handling. Riders living in muddier climes should also note that the rear shock is now shielded from debris kicked off of the rear wheel by a double-bent full-length seat tube.

complete article click bikeradar

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Guci's 8808 bike

Gucci launch the 8-8-08 Limited Edition for the commencement of the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. The line features eight accessories, each cast in bold red and bearing its own exclusive athletic twist. The sporty wares include a digital watch with a logoed red rubber band, suede patchwork sneakers and a bicycle tricked out with red leather details. Eight is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture. This item will be sell exclusively at Gucci boutiques in China, Hong Kong, and Macau