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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Armstrong's Trek time trial bike had been stolen.

DAVIS – Lance Armstrong’s distinctive time-trial bike was stolen sometime Saturday night, and the cycling legend is offering an unspecified reward for its safe return.

"There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. Reward being offered," Armstrong wrote on the Twitter page he uses to keep fans abreast of news as he competes in the Amgen Tour of California.

The bike was stolen from the Team Astana truck during the night before Stage 1 of the Tour of California.

Picture and news from sfexaminer

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sad tragedy of Jeremy Lusk

from espn

Jeremy Lusk, a Freestyle motocross star and 2008 X Games gold medalist, died Tuesday from head injuries sustained riding in an event in Costa Rica. He was 24.

Lusk was injured Saturday when he failed to complete a full rotation while attempting a Hart Attack backflip on his bike and slammed headfirst into the dirt. He underwent surgery to relieve swelling on his brain, but his condition worsened Monday.

FMX star Jeremy Lusk died at age 24 on Tuesday.
Lusk crashed in almost identical fashion in the freestyle semifinals at the 2007 X Games but was unhurt. Last March, while preparing for the Moto X World Championships, Lusk said he didn't attempt the Hart Attack backflip for months after his X Games crash.

"I was a little scared of it," he said.

Lusk enjoyed a successful 2008 season, during which he won Freestyle gold at the X Games, silver in Best Trick when he landed the first double grab Hart Attack backflip, and a bronze helmet in Freestyle at the Moto X World Championships. He also won both Freestyle and Best Trick last September at X Games Mexico and finished third overall in Freestyle on the '08 Dew Tour. A San Diego native, Lusk is survived by his wife, Lauren.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Australian DH Championship 2009

News, pictures and the rather funny captions :P taken from littermag

Comeback king, Mick Hannah, is the Australian National Champion. Though it was announced he was on GT last week, he was riding the Mongoose gear. He’s been off the bike for over a year, doing his own thing. If this is what he can do with a few weeks of riding, just wait until the World Cup season.

Mick Hannah takes the win over Jared Graves at the 2009 Australian National Championships in Canberra. Temperatures were in the millions of degrees and even the kangaroos where found taking a break at the local pub. The course used on Mt. Stromlo is the same track that will host the 2009 UCI World Champs, so you know this was a testing session for everyone. Many heavy hitters showed up, but Mick rode it home after a year-long absense. Kinda makes you wonder if those who committed last year, felt cheated this year.

Top 10, courtesy of
1. Mick Hannah - 2:48.62
2. Jared Graves - 2:48.91
3 (tie) Ben Cory - 2:53.82
3 (tie) Amiel Cavalier - 2:53.82
5. Rick Boyer - 2:55.44
6. Bryn Atkinson - 2:55.77
7. Kaine Cannan - 2:55.94
8. Will Rischbieth - 2:56.15
9. Joshua Button - 2:57.10
10. Sam Hill - 2:57.53
Elite Women:
1. Emmeline Ragot - 3:15.59
2. Julia Boer - 3:27.89
3. Claire Whiteman - 3:29.53

It was hot this year for the Nationals at Canberra. So hot you could fry an egg on the rocks. Lucky there are hundreds of Kangaroos on Mt Stromlo, and if you’re hungry, all you have to do is raid a Kangaroo nest for their eggs and you have an instant meal.

Sam Hill has gone with black for the new season’s colors. Black may be slimming to those with a spare tire, like Gordo, but a note to team manager Sean Heimdahl, black sucks when shooting photos in the forests of Europe. Maybe it’s a strategic decision. Sam will be more camoflauged in the woods, so riders can’t poach his lines.

Sam and Brendan are running 2010 RockShox Boxxers on their race bikes. Part of their race kits included 2010 Calvin Klein Boxers. They’re stoked on the rebound of their underwears, but the compression isn’t totally what they’d hoped for. They’ve been doing R&D with Marky Mark. So it is one underwear or a pair of underwears? The saga continues…

Friday, February 06, 2009

Picture of the Week

Picture from a friend's facebook. Saw this on martyz'sflickr

June 2, 2008
A car plowed into a weekend bike race along a highway near the U.S.-Mexico border, killing one and injuring 10 others, police said.

The 28-year-old driver was apparently drunk and fell asleep when he crashed into the race, said police investigator Jose Alfredo Rodriguez.

A photograph taken by a city official showed bicyclists and equipment being hurled high into the air by the collision.

Rodriguez said Juan Campos was charged with killing Alejandro Alvarez, 37, of Monterrey.

Authorities said the wreck happened 15 minutes into the 34-kilometer (21 mile) race Sunday along a highway between Playa Bagdad and Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas.