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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Becak reinvented

Solo's becak
pic from hmibecak

Pictures below which taken from copenhagenize blog show cargo bikes in europe. With todays gas price, becak and gerobak are back.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

sheep on bike

Got this picture from forwarded email. Poor sheep.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deyn on bike

Supermodel Agyness Deyn on her Electra bike

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

downhill results : Val di Sole, Italy


1 Gee Atherton (Great Britain) 3.12.12
2 Steve Peat (Great Britain) 0.02.62
3 Samuel Hill (Australia) 0.03.15
4 Greg Minnaar (South Africa) 0.05.22
5 Fabien Barel (France) 0.05.80
6 Justin Leov (New Zealand) 0.05.84
7 Mickael Pascal (France) 0.08.00
8 Julien Camellini (France) 0.09.19
9 Fabien Pedemanaud (France) 0.09.34
10 Ivan Oulego Moreno (Spain) 0.14.74

Gee Atherton brought home Great Britain's third gold medal of the day when he won the elite men's downhill World Championship. As the final rider down the mountain on a technical and steep, but completely dry 2.25 km course, all eyes were on him. On a day of many small mistakes and more than the usual number of crashes, Atherton rode a consistent race to victory. On his way to the win, he ousted compatriot Steve Peat from the hot seat.

"It's hard for me to say where was critical on the run – where I won. It was a track you had to be on the gas all the way down," said Atherton. "My run wasn't perfect, and I made mistakes, but obviously it was a track where you could afford to make a few. It paid to be consistent."

for complete report read cyclingnews

watch Gee's run here

Monday, June 16, 2008

Maxxis Minion Kevlar DH F+R


Minion Kevlar DH F+R
Built by:
Weight (g):
778.00 g

review from bikeradar

By Guy Kesteven

The Minion has been the downhiller’s favourite for years, and this lightweight version brings that ‘take all comers’ confidence to the trail. Quite simply, the Minion blew us away with its performance on every ride we took it on. Great stuff.

This is a tyre that instils confidence in all conditions. It has excellent grip and traction, even in winter conditions. It's tough and great value for money.

The mid-height, multi-shaped tread looks slow, but actually rolls surprisingly well, and this single-ply Kevlar-beaded version is pretty light for its category. For a bit more speed two Minion Fs are a great combo.

Traction levels are superb, with the varying tread shape leaving no obvious gaps in grip, whether you’re hard on the brakes or rolling right over onto the shoulders. This lets you push it hard on loose rock or roots with consistent confidence.

Tread sipes and decent spacing mean it clears quickly in filth, handling winter work as well as most winter-specific tyres.

While it’s not as bombproof as its double-ply downhill brothers, the Minion handled sizeable drops, random rock gardens and low-pressure use without complaint.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Robinson's World Record in Central Park

pic from wenn

BMX legend Kevin Robinson broke the world record by airing 54 feet off the ground.

Kevin hurled himself down a 60 foot high roll-in at speeds over 45 mph, up a 27 foot Super Quarter Pipe, sponsored by Red Bull. Kevin broke it by one inch, at 26.7 feet.
The previous record of 26.5 feet was held by BMX pioneer and Kevin's mentor and sponsor Mat Hoffman, who was on site to witness the feat.

Kevin, A BMX legend, is one of only a few athletes that has competed in every X Games since the inaugural event in 1995 and since then has grown into one of the most respected action sports stars of his generation.The winner of seven X Games medals, including three gold, made his attempt on a never before built Super Quarter Pipe. This feat was experimental in many ways -- from the construction of the ramp, to the speed it took to break the record, the g-forces on his body and ultimately the never before reached height on a BMX bike.(newsblaze)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

whats about skinsuit?

pic and quotes from velonews

Moseley on her Fort bill race:
"I just tried to improve upon the things I did in the semifinal," said Moseley. "There was nothing big, just little bits here and there that made the difference."

However, one difference Moseley did make was to don a skinsuit for the final - something that is causing a lot of controversy in the downhill community. The Mojo Orange team has been testing the suits and claim they can shave six to eight seconds off a run. Moseley's winning margin was four seconds.

My opinion is you can wear anything for the race, as long you wear all the safety gears - helmet, protector and so on - and nothing in it big enough to causing up any controversies. If you dont like it, dont wear it. Just remember, the fastest is the winner.

And for Indonesian downhill team, they already wear this this shameful skinsuit for ages. I think it brings luck sometimes!

Monday, June 09, 2008

DH RESULTS - Fort Bill

1. Greg Minnaar 4:43.52
2. Gee Atherton
3. Steve Peat
4. Nathan Rennie
5. Sam Hill

1. Tracey Moseley 5:20.87
2. Sabrina jonnier
3. Rachel Atherton
4. Mio Suemesa
5. Melissa Buhl

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fort. William World Cup - 4x REsults

FORT WILLIAM, Scotland ( -- Jared Graves made his only World Cup appearance of the year here in fort william, and took home gold. " I have been riding BMX 6 days a week and training my ass off. I just wanted to come have fun on my mountain bike." Graves was followed by Joost Wichman and last week's winner, Dan Atherton. Michal Prokop went down in the first corner and was 4th.

For the women it was Jana harakova followed by Rachel Seydoux of Switzerland in second. Fastest Qualifier Melissa Buhl has a bad start and was left behind on the first straight. Anneke Beerten was 3rd.

1. Jared Graves (AUS) Yeti
2. Joost Wichman (NED) Cannondale
3. Dan Atherton (GBR) Animal Commencal
4. Michal Prokop (CZE) Author

1. Jana Harakova (CZE) Suzuki
2. Rachel Seydoux (SUI)
3. Anneke Beerten (NED) MS Intense
4. Melissa Buhl (USA) KHS

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This week: Fort William

from bikeradar

Fort William, Scotland is gearing itself up for a return of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on 6–8 June.

500 of the world’s top riders will battle each other on challenging courses in front of the usual large and enthusiastic Fort William crowd.

This year there will be added interest in the cross country races as the main Olympic contenders will be in their final preparation phase for Beijing.

New for this year's event is a move of the Four Cross race to Friday evening, a full programme of big screen action and some very unusual entertainment. Fort William will rock on Saturday evening with the biggest mountain bike party in the UK, the Party in the Fort.

pic from cycling.visitscotland

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Athertons

pic from bikemagic

Commencal Supreme DH

An interview with the Athertons, September 6, 2007 - cyclingnews

The Atherton family home is located on the side of a spectacular mountain valley and is shared by Dan, Gee, Rachel and their mother - and of course a constant stream of transient mountain bikers. Life for the family team of Commencal Animal began a lot further south, near Exeter in Devon, as Dan explained, "We lived in a small village, and I started riding BMX, then Gee and then Rachel began to come along and got into things. We began building tracks; there wasn't much else to do."

Indeed building tracks is still a passion for the trio - especially Dan who said, "We've got the dirt track, complete with start gates at home, as well as numerous downhill tracks here in the mountains; one's even ten minutes long. I'm really into that side of things, I love figuring it out and building stuff."

The family home would be the envy of any mountain bike team, with a huge workshop, a gym and store-rooms as well as the back "yard" dirt track, and this is where much of their race preparation takes place. "What we do on a daily basis depends some on the weather," said Gee. "In the morning it's usually straight into the gym for training. Then we recover some and do the admin type work, and then go riding."
Riding is a surprisingly mixed bag for the Athertons, and Dan is keyed into the training element. "Sometimes we spend a lot of time here at home on the track, practicing starts and dirt skills, largely for four cross; other times we take the pickup and go downhilling. If there is time between races, we go cross-country riding, and sometimes even on the road. We often take the moto-cross bikes out."

Training and preparation have always been something that they have been rumoured to take more seriously than others. "I think most riders train hard really," said Dan. "We do put a lot of time in. But we also work on three things - downhilling, four cross and freeriding - others often just focus on one or two. I think if we chose to focus on just one thing, then we would do a lot better."

"At the end of the day, we're paid to race downhill, but we enjoy the other stuff and it's also really important for the sponsors," added Gee.

The following morning the boys were due to head to Paris for a last minute call up to compete in a street race, something that is increasingly popular. Many of these races are organised by Red Bull, and are effectively a closed shop to any outsiders, including the media. This year Gee and Rachel are sponsored by the Austrian drinks manufacturer, and so are committed to a certain number of events. "Fortunately they have been great with understanding the need to focus on downhill racing, which is the most important thing overall," said Gee.

This year saw a new direction for the Athertons as they switched to Commencal as bike sponsor. "The deal is for three years, which is great. It cuts some freedom to be able to focus on long-term goals and development. We don't just have to think of publicity for the next few months," said Gee, who is very much at the head of commercial things.

"We're all very different characters, which helps things to work," said Gee. "Dan is very much into teaching and the technical side of things. I'm really interested and involved with the sponsorship element, and Rach is great with the media and words."

The differences appear on the bike, too. Dan, the eldest, was the not only the first to take up BMX, he was also the first to start downhill racing, and the other siblings followed suit, learning from his mistakes, and developing their own styles along the way.

"I started racing first, as a junior," said Dan. "At first we knew very little, especially about bike setup. I would set my bike up and ride it like a BMX, as rigid as possible, so we had a lot of broken bikes and bits to start with. I got a job in a bike shop, and they had a good mechanic who taught me about suspension, and that's when I started getting results, and the others, too."

Training and riding together on a daily basis is a huge bonus for them, and a major part to spurring them on and raising the pole. "There is definitely rivalry there, everywhere - even in the gym," said Gee. "I get really fired up if I can't do something Dan can. Last week he pulled off a move on a trail. I tried for ages and just could not do it, it really frustrated me - but that's what pushes us on."

And there's no doubt that the effect of riding daily with her brothers has made a huge impact on Rachel, the youngest of the three. "It's great; riding with the boys is the best thing I could do. They constantly push me, and seeing them do things gives me the confidence to try things for myself."

DH RESULTS - Andorra

1. Gee Atherton (GBR)
2. Sam Hill (AUS)
3. Greg Minnaar (RSA)
4. Steve Peat (GBR)
5. Sam Blenkinsop (NZL)

1. Rachel Atherton (GBR)
2. Sabrina Jonnier (FRA)
3. Floriane Pugin (FRA)
4. Tracy Moseley (GBR)
5. Emmeline Ragot (FRA)

vid from freecaster

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Results 4x World Cup Andorra

VALLNORD, Andora ( --
Dan Atherton (Animal Commencal) took home his first career world cup win here in Andorra. Atherton edged out Brian Lopes (Ibis Oakley) and Guido Tschugg to take home the victory.

For the women it was Anneke Beerten (MS Intense) putting another notch in her belt. Teammate Mio Suemesa took second.

1. Dan Atherton
2. Brian Lopes
3. Guido Tschugg
4. Rastislav Prirman

1. Anneke Beerten
2. Mio Suemasa
3. Fionn Griffiths
4. Diana Marggraff