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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zoo Jakarta Challange: The dual slalom

Next event: Dual slalom and cross country race in Ragunan Zoo Jakarta.

Pendaftaran :
Sekretariat IPSJ
Jl. Kaji Raya No.1F Jakarta Pusat
Tlp : 021-6332727
Biaya Pendaftaran Rp 50.000,- / per kategori

This will be great. We never see dual slalom before.
Watch the Men's Pro Dual slalom at Sea Otter 2008 below.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lopes' new mojo

pic from mbaction

Brian Lopes at the Sea Otter and his new Ibis Mojo.

Yeti Downhill and Slopestyle Prototypes

Information and photos courtesy of Yeti Cycles
from mbaction
by Ryan Cleek

Yeti has been working on designs that utilize the 303 technology. And, these prototypes are focused entirely on the gravity market and will fill-out their product line in downhill and slopestyle segments.

The 303 technology is unique because the wheel path and shock rate can be controlled independently. The new designs use a single rail to either control the wheel path or shock rate. This coupled with the pivot layout allows Yeti to create bikes that are lighter, less complicated, and still have many of the attributes of the 303.

All rail bikes will start with 303. If there is an R in the name, they are using the rail primarily to control the rate of the shock (horizontal rail). If there is no R, the rail is used to control the wheel path (vertical rail). All of these bikes are still prototypes and Yeti will spend the race season testing and optimizing the design.

Proto 303R-SS
Designed for aggressive trail riding, slopestyle, and gravity bent all-mountain. The rate on this bike has been designed to be stiffer so it holds the rider up in g-outs, berms, and really flowing terrain. The stiffer overall rate also makes it more difficult to bottom-out.

Travel: 5.4”
Projected weight: 7.5 lbs w/Fox DHX Air shock
Head angle: 68 degrees w/Fox 32 Float (140mm) fork, 66.3 degrees w/ Fox 36 Float (160mm)
Chainstay: 16.5 “
Bottom bracket height: 13”
Price: N/A

Proto 303R-DH
A less expensive DH bike that uses a single pivot coupled with their 303 technology. By utilizing a horizontal linear rail Yeti was able to create a rate similar to the 303 DH. The single pivot design has a different wheel path than the 303 DH, but they were able to simplify the design and lighten up the frame significantly.

Travel: 8.5”
Projected weight: 10lbs
Head angle: 64.5 to 65.4 degrees
Chainstay: 17.25”
Projected price: $2499

Monday, April 14, 2008

more on bike asia

picture of rodalink booth, taken from a vespa chick's blog.

the trial bike stunt

This report from rodalink

Pembukaan event pameran sepeda terbesar di Asia Tenggara berlangsung meriah. Pembukaan dihadiri oleh Lee Yi Shyan, Menteri Negara Perdagangan dan Industri Singapura bersama tokoh-tokoh penting lainnya, seperti Guidalberto Guidi, Presiden ANCMA dan EICMA, dan Roberto Fabbri, Chairman Bike Asia. Tampak diantara mereka, artis kawakan Sophia Loren dan perwakilan dari Kedubes Indonesia di Singapura.

Acara dibuka pukul 11.00 time dengan pidato pembukaan dari Roberto Fabbri selaku Chairman dan dilanjutkan oleh Gudalberto Guidi dan ditutup oleh Lee Yi Shyan. Setelah mendengarkan pidato, para VIP segera melanjutkan dengan acara ramah tamah ke sejumlah stand produk.

Stan Rodalink Group mendapat perhatian paling besar karena disamping merupakan stand sepeda terbesar, juga karena berisi produk-produk berkelas dunia yang mana Rodalink menjadi distributornya....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

BikeAsia 2008

BikeAsia 2008 the first international exhibition on bicycle and motorcycle in Southeast Asia, will be held in 10 - 13 April in Singapore.

BikeAsia 2008 is the first international exhibition on bicycle, motorcycle, accessories and components in Southeast Asia. It is a Regional show for a 500 million people who can reach Singapore within 5 hours flight and over a billion people within 8 hours. Thanks to the minimal visa requirements, its location in the middle of Asia and the high number of flight carriers in the area, Singapore is the ideal location to held the first edition of BikeAsia.

BikeAsia will become the new appointment for thousands of lovers and dealers of the 2 wheels sector. In a familiar environment, manufacturers from different countries will mingle together and will share ideas to improve the industry.

Iron Horse Sunday Elite-pimped hard

The Sunday Elite with long travel single crown fork according bike radar is "A fantastic performing frame, with a fork which just can’t quite keep up". From bike radar. Your thought of the golden bike??

By Ian Collins

For the first time this World Cup downhill-winning frame wears a set of long-travel single crown forks. Designed and proven as a race warrior, is this new configuration a chink in its armour?
Ride & handling: coil vs air

As you would expect from its heritage, this bike is no slouch when given some negative gradient. It tracks supremely, turns in perfectly at speed is perfect and its rider weighting and position is balanced and low.

We also found amazing control under hard braking and we just couldn’t bottom the thing out.

Such a compliant rear system with its immense traction is going to need a fork to match it, and the air sprung Totem just couldn’t keep up.

The fork having having 20mm less travel than the rear and the single crown weren’t the issue. A coil Totem would even things out, but an air spring never feels matched against a coil.

That said, this is still a great bike that inspires great confidence.
Frame: bottomless travel from DW link

Carrying the ‘Sunday’ moniker means the bike shares the same frame design as Sam Hill’s world dominating Sunday World Cup bike.

As with all of the Iron Horse Sunday complete bikes, the frame is made in Taiwan rather than the USA. This really has little – if any – detrimental effect on the frame quality, but it does carry a smidgen more weight.

DW links tune the travel path of the rear wheel and the actuation ratio of the shock to eliminate brake jack, pedal feedback and bob, and to give a ‘bottomless’ suspension stroke.

There are three stages of travel. The first stage sees most small bump sensitivity and resistance to pedal-induced bob, thanks to its slightly rearward axle path.

The second stage sees the rear suspension work in unison with fork action, and the final stage sees the leverage ratio ramp up for big hit absorption.

This is all dependant on having the correct sag set-up though, at 33-40 per cent at the shock.

The bike comes stock with Marzocchi’s ROCO World Cup shock.

Frame detail includes a special Max-E bearing with twice the amount of ball bearings for strength and a smooth action, 12mm through axle and a 1.5in head tube.
Equipment: pimped-out but confused

The Park Bike spec has a single crown Totem Solo Air fork, which adds manoeuvrability and versatility, but gives 20mm less travel than at the rear. This does separate it from other Sundays, but seems a little confused on such a race-oriented frame.

The 165mm Funn Hooka cranks, short cage SRAM X-9 mech and racer width 28in bars all point towards downhill racing, as you would expect on a Sunday.

The Horse is reigned in by Avid’s superbly performing Code brakes, running 203mm rotors at head and tail ends.

Then there’s the look of the thing, smothered in gold anodised Funn kit and matching Sun ADD wheels – even Westwood couldn’t pimp this ride any further.