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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oakley Downhill Event 2007

Cikole, October 28, 2007

This big event spice up the downhill world here in Bandung. After Eiger discontinued their regular event this year, Oakley become mountainbikers’ sugar now. Hundreds of riders from many cities - and some from Malaysia and Singapore - compete to reach the ultimate position.

The downhill race categorized just perfect to meet everyone needs, there’s an open, master a, b, c and women class, and for the first time a dirtjump competition for both bmx’s and mtbs!

Women class gives surprise with new winner, Audi from CharmDevo Team with a very impressive time. We have to give more attention to this fast chix, and..kudos for the coach.

Riders from bandung still dominate the event, but the Malaysian teams also have a very good performance as usual. For complete results klik here.

This event is organized nicely, with dj’s and beers. I bet everybody ‘s look forward for the next Oakley’s event.

sapedah kumaha aing ceunah

fast chick

dirt jump practice

if you really wanna stand out..wear hawaian shirt at some goth dh event

wow...foto dengan sang juara!!

the magician

om chan en action

hot chick

hot seater

dirt jumpers