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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Theres an alternative route if we want to ride to Lembang from Bandung. Instead or taking the asphalt road from jl setiabudhi, we can turn right at cipaku residence and take the cijengkol route. This route is more interesting because we can still have the short offroad track which is actually a private unused land. At the end of this track we will find a village road up until jl cijeruk lembang.
Jalan cijeruk which is situated near pasar Lembang itself is a unique road. This narrow and short road have a lot of interesting spot for tourisme.

Things we can do there:
1. Eat at the La Oma restaurant for a fancy lunch after riding
2. Go to the famous Tahu Tauhid for some take away tofus for our lovables at home
3. Buy some famous popsicles (es potong)in various taste to freshens our throat. If we do take away they will wrap our stick ice with newspaper sheets.
4. buy some cow or soy milk behind the pasar lembang at the end of the cijeruk road.
5. watch what other people’s do for their hobby. Theres a circuit for remote model offroad car. Its kind of nice with raised platform for spectators and plenty of park space.

Happy riding!

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