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Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeti Downhill and Slopestyle Prototypes

Information and photos courtesy of Yeti Cycles
from mbaction
by Ryan Cleek

Yeti has been working on designs that utilize the 303 technology. And, these prototypes are focused entirely on the gravity market and will fill-out their product line in downhill and slopestyle segments.

The 303 technology is unique because the wheel path and shock rate can be controlled independently. The new designs use a single rail to either control the wheel path or shock rate. This coupled with the pivot layout allows Yeti to create bikes that are lighter, less complicated, and still have many of the attributes of the 303.

All rail bikes will start with 303. If there is an R in the name, they are using the rail primarily to control the rate of the shock (horizontal rail). If there is no R, the rail is used to control the wheel path (vertical rail). All of these bikes are still prototypes and Yeti will spend the race season testing and optimizing the design.

Proto 303R-SS
Designed for aggressive trail riding, slopestyle, and gravity bent all-mountain. The rate on this bike has been designed to be stiffer so it holds the rider up in g-outs, berms, and really flowing terrain. The stiffer overall rate also makes it more difficult to bottom-out.

Travel: 5.4”
Projected weight: 7.5 lbs w/Fox DHX Air shock
Head angle: 68 degrees w/Fox 32 Float (140mm) fork, 66.3 degrees w/ Fox 36 Float (160mm)
Chainstay: 16.5 “
Bottom bracket height: 13”
Price: N/A

Proto 303R-DH
A less expensive DH bike that uses a single pivot coupled with their 303 technology. By utilizing a horizontal linear rail Yeti was able to create a rate similar to the 303 DH. The single pivot design has a different wheel path than the 303 DH, but they were able to simplify the design and lighten up the frame significantly.

Travel: 8.5”
Projected weight: 10lbs
Head angle: 64.5 to 65.4 degrees
Chainstay: 17.25”
Projected price: $2499

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