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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

whats about skinsuit?

pic and quotes from velonews

Moseley on her Fort bill race:
"I just tried to improve upon the things I did in the semifinal," said Moseley. "There was nothing big, just little bits here and there that made the difference."

However, one difference Moseley did make was to don a skinsuit for the final - something that is causing a lot of controversy in the downhill community. The Mojo Orange team has been testing the suits and claim they can shave six to eight seconds off a run. Moseley's winning margin was four seconds.

My opinion is you can wear anything for the race, as long you wear all the safety gears - helmet, protector and so on - and nothing in it big enough to causing up any controversies. If you dont like it, dont wear it. Just remember, the fastest is the winner.

And for Indonesian downhill team, they already wear this this shameful skinsuit for ages. I think it brings luck sometimes!

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