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Friday, March 07, 2008

The 2008 Ellsworth Moment

from mbaction

33.3 pounds

6-inch rear wheel travel

Maxi test: February 2008

Highlights: The Moment's frame and its fine attention to detail and craftsmanship grabs your attention and imagination. You find yourself wondering how the prominent four-bar-linkage, all-new Fox DHX 5.0 air shock and Fox 36 Van RC2 will perform (while catching the eyes fellow riders) ripping up the most technical trails. Our Moment test bike is built up with the versatile Shimano XT component group, which is becoming a staple on high-end do-it-all bikes with between four and seven inches of travel.

Best quote: "With a few hundred feet of our very first descent aboard the Moment we knew we were experiencing something special. The combination of suspension stability and traction puts the pilot in complete control, while the all of the bike's moving parts disappear below, allowing the rider to purely focus on the terrain."

Bottom line: Without knowing what to expect from the new Moment, the overall performance was a wonderful surprise. It's unique component spec is perfect for a trail rider who doesn't shy away from any trail obstacle, and is pure enjoyment in the hands of an experienced downhiller. The trail capable Moment is a steady climber, but truly shines on the descents in the corners.

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