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Saturday, October 18, 2008

UCI: No skinsuits for DH

pic from zimbio
Its official that skinsuits are banned for DH and 4X competition.
We still remember Tracy Moseley at Fort Bill and Australia, how her skinsuit made her a winner. And we actually agreed with Tracy, that most of the riders don't like wearing them, but that it is an advantage. This rule will lead into protesting, as stated in this article from transcendmagazine, majorly because this rule will cause higher cost for a national bicycle team.

UCI Bans Skinsuits for DH - Updated

AIGLE, Switzerland ( -- UPDATE: This is no longer a rumour. The UCI has officially banned skinsuits for competition in DH and 4x. The official announcement will be made to all Trade Teams and the Media Monday.

No details have been released as to how this will be enforced, but we imagine it will be a similiar sort of ruling as they currently have in BMX competition. You must be able to pinch 3cm of material between your fingers without stretching on the forearm.

Editorial: Unfortunately the UCI has felt the need to over regulate the sport once again. This is a speed based sport. Riders race against the clock, they should be able to take every aero advantage they can get, no matter how silly some people feel it looks.

You can bet that national federations will be protesting this on the cost factor alone. Most federations do 1 uniform. It is worn by everyone from the Road and pursuit teams through XC and DH. Now they need to do at least a BMX jersey, as even a long sleeve XC jersey will not pass the test, and many countries require long sleeves for downhill competitions.

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